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Skin Out Podcast artwork. It features Toni seen between her two spread legs with a smile. She is a large figure with the background smaller in comparison. The background is of a road leading to buildings. The road is surrounded by clouds that feature a flogger, bunny ears and a satisfyer. The title Skin Out is large and at the top of the artwork. The colours are vivid pinks, purples and blues

Skin Out

A show bringing visibility to POC kinksters, fetish fiends + pervs

These are the stories of people of colour taking up space in the kink and fetish scene.


Join Toni and a brand new guest every week as they delve into their sexual past and divulge their exploits in desire. We don't believe in taboos around here, ditch those inhibitions and open your mind to possibilities unexplored...

Produced & Hosted by Toni Murphy

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